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Correct Your Status: 1779 "1 pager" Details
Last Updated 2 years ago

The 1779 "1 pager" is done in conjunction with 2 witness testimonies.

I recommend that you create at least 3 originals of each. 1 original will go to the state, 1 original will go to the county and 1 for yourself.

You can download the 1779 "1 pager" template here

and the witness testimony templates here

You need 2 witnesses.

Another option is to create an LRO account at and purchase the "Document Generator - 1779" Item under the Fees tab which will create these documents for you.

Once you have an LRO Members account you can order the 1779 document generator package from

  • Fees tab -> Add Item -> Document Generator - 1779



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