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14th Amendment via Martial Law in Time of Peace (original)

50 States Assemblies

928 Documents

1787 Constitution (American)

1789 Constitution (Territorial)

1790 Constitution (Municipal)

1937 The Book of The States – minutes of the Interstate Conferences - Held during 1935 - 1937


A Brief Report

About Us – Our Story – Who We Are

Actual Sovereign Government

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America is not the UNITED STATES Inc.

America: Some Assembly Required - 30 Second American History

Anna von Reitz

Another Look at the Great Fraud

Article 736 – A brief Report For Those Trying To Understand The New World

Article 1922 - The Dogon - a Tale of Gross Ingratitude

Article 1923 - The Dogons – Part 2

Article 1945 - International Public Notice Regarding The Dead Baby Scam

Article 1946 - Additional Information Regarding the Dead Baby Scam

Article 1948 - The Dead Baby Scam – Part 3

Article 1938 – The Municipal Debt Scam

Article 3087 - Blood Money 1

Article 3088 - Blood Money 2

Article 3090 - Blood Money 3

Article 3091 - Blood Money 4

Article 3094 - Blood Money 5

Article 3095 - Blood Money 6

Article 3096 - Blood Money 7

Article 3098 - Blood Money 8

Article 3106 - Blood Money 9

Article 3107 - Blood Money 10

Article 3110 - Blood Money 11

Article 3113 - Blood Money 12

Article 3115 - Blood Money 13

Article 3116 - Blood Money 14

Article 3118 - Blood Money 15

Article 3119 - Blood Money 16

Article 3131 - Blood Money 17

Article 3132 - Blood Money 18

Article 3134 - Blood Money 19

Article 3144 - Blood Money 20

Article 3145 - Blood Money 21

Article 3163 - Blood Money 22

Article 3166 - Blood Money 23

Article 3177 - Blood Money 24

Article 3195 - Blood Money 25

Article 3205 - More Filthy British Laundry

Article 3214 - Blood Money 26

Article 3216 - Blood Money 27

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Blood Money Video Versions

Birth Certificate

[Birthing] Delivering a Baby on the Land and Soil – in a hospital


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CDC Owns over 20 vaccine patents

Cestui Que Vie Estate Trust

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Constitutional Enforcement Seminar

Constitutionally Repugnant Reconstruction Acts

Constitutionally Repugnant Reconstruction Acts (original)

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Coronavirus – Summary of Aspects of the Invention

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Correct Your Status 1779 "1 Pager" Documents

Counties in Washington


Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Flag -The United States Civil Flag of Peacetime

Declaration of Political Status

Decree Over Mandate October 14th 2019

Decree Over Mandate, Second, March 13th 2020

Decree Over Mandate, Third, May 7th 2020

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Dr. Nichole Belland (Safeway Pharmacist Quits Over Intercom)

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FAQ’s – Your Government

FAQ’s – IRS, Social Security, Retirement, Medicare

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Five Different Citizens

Foreign Agent Registration Act Form

Foreign Agent Registration Act Resources

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General Orders No. 100: The Lieber Code


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International Peace Proclamation


International Commercial Lien against the Bar

International Peace Proclamation and Grand Peace Treaty


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Justinian Deception



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Photographs of Hangings at6 Nuremberg, Germany

Public Law A1010121

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Public Notices 2022


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Revocation Of Election To Pay Taxes


Second Decree Over Mandate

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Status Correction Remorse and Reconstructing Your New Reality

Stop Transhumanism

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The American Government - Flow Chart

The American States Assemblies

The Avalon Project – Document Collections

The Book That Shook The United States

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The Jural Assembly Handbook

The States of the American States Assemblies

The Thick Red Line

The Trueman Show #29 with DR Reiner Fuellmich

The Truth About the Aldrich Plan

The Truth About The IRS

The Truth about the Bioweapon

The United Colonies

Third Decree Over Mandate

This page is an index of the writings of Judge Anna von Reitz from Big

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Trusts – The Revolving Door — Urgent Warning


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Vaccine is Genocide

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Walking Through Your F E A R


Welcome Message – Anna von Reitz

Welcome to The American States Assemblies – Your Government

Witness Testimony In The form-Of An Affidavit

What the Supreme Court Should Rule

Why Should I Correct My Status – Videos


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Your Name, Birth Certificate and Diagram of the Fraud

You Know Something Is Wrong When…… An American Affidavit Of Probable Cause


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